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The Wendover Flight Program gets even better after your first trip

Perhaps the best thing about booking a trip on the Wendover Flight Program is that you're going to get offers to book it again for free after you get back.

In my series about the Wendover Flight Program, I was impressed by the great deal that the offer provides but also the customer service when you go on the trip.

For a refresher, the Wendover Flight Program allows you to fly round-trip to the northern Nevada resort town of Wendover and stay for three nights at one of three casino hotels for less than $300.

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“Wendover has the whole look and feel of Vegas before it became what it is now. So if you like to come out and like to gamble and spend some time without all the crowds, Wendover’s the place,” said Saul Andrade, advertising director for Peppermill Resorts at Wendover.

I found that to be true and was especially impressed at how well people are taken care of as soon as they land in Wendover.

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But what I didn’t expect was how well you’d be treated even after the trip ends. Just a few weeks after the trip, I received a letter in the mail offering me a return trip for free on a few select dates this year. But the catch was that only one of those flights was flying out of San Antonio.

Well, this week I got another letter also offering me a free return trip, but this time all three flights were out of San Antonio. One date is in September and two are in December.

So apparently among the unpublicized added bonuses of going on this trip once is that it could turn into a two-for-one deal at the very least, and the offers might keep coming, allowing you to use your savings on something you might’ve missed out on the first time around.

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