SAN ANTONIO — A series of major auto accidents on San Antonio's southwest side has sent multiple people to the hospital with injuries, according to authorities. 

The northbound lanes of I-35 near Somerset temporarily closed starting at 6:30 p.m. after the first of the crashes. Police say some of the injuries to the three hospitalized victims are life-threatening. They added that at least four cars were involved in the crash, but how it happens remains unclear as of ths time. 

Dozens of emergency vehicles responded to the site of the crash 

Meanwhile, debris still littered the highway as of 10 p.m. as police continue to investigate. Loose wheels scattered the area, some even still attached to their axles on the highway and grassy median. 

Traffic continues to be diverted from the northbound lanes of the highway to the access road, and it also appears that at least one southbound lane has also closed as of 10 p.m.