According to the City of San Antonio, American Ninja Warrior will film in front of the Bexar County Courthouse and streets will be closed March 20-29.

The city says that Dolorosa Street (from N. Flores to S. St. Mary’s) and Main Plaza Ave. (from Dolorosa to Villita) will be closed and provided a map for reference.

The filming dates are March 26 and 27 and you can apply to be a part of the audience here.

Amos Lozano, a local business owner, is scheduled to be a contestant on the show and will compete on the first day of filming: March 26. Lozano owns Famous Juice Co.

Residents and businesses with concerns about the closures affecting them in terms of scheduled deliveries, construction, and accessibility needs are asked to call the show’s locations department at 818-658-1714.

The city is asking that all other questions about the street closure or detours be directed to the City of San Antonio Right of Way Management Office at 210-207-6949 or to the email of Edward Mery and Robert Perez.