Six lanes of highway right through Jim Raby's 21 acres, which he's owned for more than 20 years, may soon be his reality.

“The 250-foot right-of-way for the four-lane highway will be along the backyard of our home,” Raby noted.

And he's not alone. In fact, signs opposing the new highway line the road he lives on.

Cibolo Mayor Allen Dunn says that the proposed Cibolo Turnpike Parkway will connect FM 1103 at Weil Road to I-10, easing congestion in the area.

“We need to get people to get from their houses to work,” Mayor Dunn said. “People need to be able to get out of their neighborhood and have access to I-35 and I-10. Right now, the only access to I-10 is provided by small county roads.”

According to city leaders, the road would not cost taxpayers anything and would be privately funded.

Dunn said that while many people have expressed their concerns, the project may not even happen. In fact, an exact location hasn't even been decided on yet.

Dunn added that an economic feasibility report still needs to be completed, and even after that, the funds for the project need to be raised.

However, if the road is built, Dunn says that it will impact a lot of people.

People like Raby and his neighbors, who own a storage company. That property that will be split down the middle with the road.

“My concern is that they will be forcing people to sell properties, forcing people to sell land, without taking into account future profit of business… and just affecting the general use of properties and future values of the properties,” Raby explained.

Mayor Dunn fears that if the toll road project doesn't happen, it could have a negative impact on future property values.

“If I’m sitting in traffic for an hour to drive into San Antonio, I'm going to be a lot less likely to buy a house in Cibolo,” Mayor Dunn said. “That's going to force people to have to start lowering their sale value for their houses.”

A spokesperson for Cibolo Parkway said the project will have other benefits, such as providing an immediate funding source for traffic improvements, and encouraging residential and commercial development south of FM 78, increasing the city's tax base.