SAN ANTONIO — The World Wide Web celebrated its 30th birthday on March 12, 2019. The ambiguous idea of connecting people around the globe through the “internet” was difficult to grasp at first, according to Tim Ward, owner of All Systems Go computer store. Today, there are more than 4 billion active daily internet users and more than 1 billion active websites around the world. Ward started his business before the web was even discovered.

“Today, most of the shops on this strip would go out of business if we didn’t have access to the internet,” said Ward. He shared some of his retro tech appliances with KENS 5 to put a few neighbors to the test. We asked a few kids and millennials if they recognized floppy disks, dial up tones, and a 1998 internet modem. Most of them nailed the first two and were stumped by the modem.

“Oh, my grandma has that thing!” Marley, 10, shouted when we showed her a floppy disk. “It’s a record player thing-a-ma-bob.” Her brother Riley, 13, was quick to correct her, insisting that it was a DVD case.

Scott, 29, was sharp about identifying most of the items we pulled from our mystery box, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on the purpose of that old modem. Madison, 25, and Marco, 28, both said they had never seen anything like it before. The young siblings were convinced that it was either a radio or a thermostat with an Ethernet connection.

For retro computer tech, visit All Systems Go store at 7271 Wurzbach Rd or contact them at (210) 614-3768.