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VILE Podcast: 'True justice,' Bexar Co. DA's Office investigates Jones

Prosecutors in the Genene Jones case found themselves with mountains of old, unorganized medical records and obstacles to overcome in their quest to keep the so-called "killer nurse" behind bars.

Stacey Welsh

Published: 4/25/2018 1:48:07 PM
Updated: 8:30 AM CDT June 14, 2018

While Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood believes "true justice" is out of his hands, he said he and prosecutors on the Genene Jones case are doing everything they can to make sure justice is served under the law.

"These families want justice. I’ve said this over and over in interviews that true justice will happen when Genene Jones stands before the Lord. Whether you believe that’s going to happen or not, I absolutely do, as sure as I sit before you. That’s true justice. On Earth, justice calls for this woman to be held accountable, for her not to get out in 2018 and for these children to be accounted for. To take that innocent child... It doesn't get any more innocent than a child, they didn't do anything wrong," he said.