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VILE Podcast: Mandatory release law calls for 'killer nurse' to walk free

A now-amended Texas law allows Genene Jones to be freed from her 99-year prison sentence. The only way to keep her in prison is a new murder conviction.

Stacey Welsh

Andy Kahan has been a crime victims’ advocate for more than two decades, but one case might stand out to Kahan, the one he’s been working on for nearly his entire career.

“Genene Jones to me is one of the most cold-blooded, diabolical killers that probably 99.9 percent of the public has no clue as to who she is. Keep in mind who her victims were: Helpless victims that couldn’t yell, cry, scream or run for help," Kahan said.

He said for the last 20 years, he’s been eating, sleeping and breathing the Genene Jones case. He works day after day to get justice for the children whom she’s suspected of killing, including the five new first-degree murder charges Jones was transferred to San Antonio to face just a few months ago.

"[The victims] were in her entrusted care. That, to me, makes her one of the most diabolical killers in this country’s history," Kahan said.

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Kahan, however, doesn’t live in San Antonio. He lives in Houston and works for the mayor’s office as a liaison, a voice for crime victims. It’s the very city Petti McClellan now calls home, 34 years after Genene Jones was convicted of killing her daughter by injecting her with a deadly substance at a tiny clinic in Kerrville.

“When it was first brought to her attention that Jones was going to be put up for parole, [Petti] contacted me to get involved as far as teaming up and preventing [Jones'] potential parole. Every few years we would battle with it," Kahan said.