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VILE Podcast: 'Judicious silence,' hospital policy did not report Genene Jones

"... an investigation is proceeding in Kerrville under the auspices of the grand jury. The committee in general, recommends judicious silence on the issue."

Stacey Welsh

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Published: 3/14/2018 9:19:38 AM
Updated: 9:35 AM CDT April 5, 2018

The story of Genene Jones isn't only about Jones herself.

“It's one thing for there to just be a story about a nurse who was doing horrible things, someone who was homicidal. That's a story about one person, but this was broader about the system who failed to stop her: How she should have been stopped and kids should have been saved. Kids died and were harmed who did not need to be hurt in that way," author Peter Elkind said.

Elkind’s book, The Death Shift, tells Jones' story. She is the San Antonio nurse convicted of killing one baby and injuring another.

Jones is now facing charges in five other cases stemming from the 1980s. The lingering question: Could more have been done to prevent what happened?

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“That's a whole story in itself. That's why I thought it was worth a book because of the way it was handled by the officials in San Antonio, what they did and didn't do," Elkind said.

Genene Jones left her job as a licensed vocational nurse at Bexar County Hospital on good terms, despite the "epidemic" of suspicious deaths in the unit where she had worked.

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