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VILE Podcast | 'I really did kill those babies': Testimony reveals alleged confession in Jones case

New evidence in the "killer nurse" case has come to light. In the finale of Vile, we examine alleged confessions Genene Jones made while in prison.

Stacey Welsh

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Published: 5/1/2018 3:42:18 PM
Updated: 2:47 PM CDT May 9, 2018

"Looking back, I think this whole thing is just a meant-to-be thing because, if you think about it, if they would have tried another case [in the early 1980s], she would have walked. It would have fallen underneath that umbrella of the mandatory release, and there wouldn't have been anything to fall back on like there is now.

As horrible as it was for anybody in San Antonio to have to wait this long, you know it's a double-edged sword. The positive side of it is that [prosecutors] had these other cases to pull out, whereas if they would have done it all then, there would have been nothing. There would have been no way to keep her from walking, absolutely nothing," Petti McClellan said.

It’s been nearly 40 years since Genene Jones’ case first appeared in the public eye.

That time has been marked with media coverage here in San Antonio and all over the world. For example, author Peter Elkind showed KENS 5 a copy of his book published in French. There was even a made-for-TV movie, which former Kerr County District Attorney Ron Sutton said sensationalized the case.

Deadly Medicine had to make a big issue of that I was single at the time and Dr. Holland was single at the time, and they had to make an issue of us having an affair, which we didn’t do. It made a better movie, I guess," Sutton said.

But behind the smoke and mirrors are the facts. Investigators from the Bexar County DA’s office said they’ve been uncovering more never-before-seen evidence as Jones’ case moves closer to trial.

It would seem that she hasn’t kept completely quiet all these years.

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We’ve talked about the frightening pattern that emerged among Genene Jones’ patients. A CDC study found that children were 10 times more likely to die during a time that Jones was working in the pediatric ICU of Bexar County Hospital.

There’s also a possible explanation for Jones’ own actions.

Many connected to the case say Jones seemed to get a thrill out responding to crashing patients and insisted on inserting herself into an emergency.

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