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How a local group is helping downtown businesses survive | COMMERCE STREET

Centro San Antonio hopes sharing resources and sparking creativity will help small businesses weather a major drop in customers.

Kristin Dean, Erica Zucco (KENS 5)

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Published: 9:29 AM CST November 29, 2020
Updated: 7:05 AM CST December 1, 2020

Rich in history, recognizable by its landmarks and distinguished by its diverse range of businesses, art and attractions, San Antonio's downtown typically draws visitors from across the nation. But without the stable stream of tourists, convention-goers and government workers that typically guarantee a strong customer base, downtown businesses are facing unique challenges.

That's why Centro San Antonio launched its Main Street Business Program - an initiative aimed at equipping small businesses with what they need to survive and thrive through the pandemic. That mission also attracted the City of San Antonio to select Centro as a partner in its plans for economic recovery. 

In this episode of Commerce Street, a business podcast from KENS 5, we spoke with one of the program's architects and one of the on-the-street "Navigators" about what they're doing and why. 

Listen to the full episode below:

We also heard from three local businesses about the challenges they've faced, the ways they've innovated and the help they've received or programs they've partnered on with Centro SA. 

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