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Schools and local companies training students to fill high-paying tech jobs | Commerce Street

The generation that grew up with smart phones and social media are taking their talents to the real world before even graduating from high school.

Kristin Dean, Erica Zucco (KENS 5)

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Published: 10:18 AM CST January 24, 2021
Updated: 7:21 AM CST February 23, 2021

San Antonio's tech industry home to a growing variety of companies offering, in some cases, high-paying jobs and room for growth. But to make sure those career opportunities can be extended to local residents, employers say they need people with the specific skills necessary to fill unique positions. That's just one of the reasons schools and businesses are working together to build potential pipeline for the workforce.

In this episode of Commerce Street, a podcast from KENS 5, we're highlighting two companies in San Antonio that are investing in the next generation through internships -- and talking with students at one San Antonio high school about their experiences.

Listen to the full conversation in the latest episode of Commerce Street on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify:

The students we spoke to attend CAST Tech High School, which prepares students in coding, IT, gaming, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, business and user experience. It's an area standout for building business partnerships and pathways to STEM and STEAM careers.

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