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Boom in esports competitions and culture means huge opportunities for gamers and students | Commerce Street

Globally, esports competition, culture and commerce are booming. In San Antonio, some schools, businesses and innovators are taking note.

Erica Zucco (KENS 5), Kristin Dean

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Published: 9:16 AM CDT May 9, 2021
Updated: 10:52 PM CDT May 12, 2021

Electronic sports-- also known as "esports," "eSports" or "e-sports," is essentially a competitive form of video gaming-- and as with most sports, business and education opportunities surrounding competition, culture, coaching, teams and tourism are rapidly growing around it. 

Some San Antonio gamers say they've been craving more opportunities to connect and compete for decades- and in recent years, business has begun to grow and investments have started to sprout. KENS 5 Eyewitness News took a look at some local developments. You can listen to a podcast version of this story by clicking here, and watch the video version of this story Wednesday, May 12 at 10pm. 

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As you read the story below, we've also included recent KENS 5 stories to help you better understand what esports is all about. If you need a primer on the basics of what esports is, check out KENS 5's conversation with two local coaches, below.

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