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The San Antonio Spurs have experienced their share of frustrating losses to start the season, but they’ve won two of their last three games.

Most recently, a Tuesday night double-overtime thriller ended with a Spurs win over the rival Houston Rockets. That game included plenty of controversy, with a fourth-quarter dunk by James Harden not being counted and rumors of a Rockets complaint to the league.

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The drama overshadowed a career-high 28 points for Lonnie Walker. We discuss his role on the team moving forward after his second big scoring performance in three games.

Podcast co-hosts Jackson Floyd and Cameron Songer also look at the upcoming games for the Spurs and evaluate trade rumors around the Spurs star players.

We also peek at other top stories around the NBA, including the stellar play of James Harden and Luka Doncic.

Be sure to listen until the end, when we share what's driving us batty in the NBA right now.

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