Sports categories aren’t common on Jeopardy but they seem to make news every time they come up, usually because Jeopardy contestants are rarely even casual sports fans.

Last year, contestants didn’t know who “Mean Joe” Greene played for. And one contestant guessed “Colorado Rockies” for a clue about Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen.

That category came to a (Whitney) merciless end quickly. But Thursday’s episode, which aired just a few days before the Super Bowl, featured a drawn out, painful-to-watch full category of football. And none of the contestants even tried to answer.

It got to the point where the audience was laughing and Alex Trebek was practically taunting the contestants.


While this was funny, we’re certainly not mocking any of the contestants, whose other-worldly knowledge has earned them a spot on one of the most respected game shows of all time, universally acclaimed as the best gauge of intelligence on TV.

Still… pretty funny.