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Texas Outdoors: Teeing it up once...correctly!

The best thing you can do for your golf game is take, at least one lesson!

SAN ANTONIO — I've been playing golf for 35 years and had never taken a real lesson from a professional instructor. I'm fair, but I want to be better. When I was playing a lot, I could hit some amazing shots.

Now that I don't get to play as much as I used too, or as much as I would like, my golf game is pathetic. So, I figured before spring got here I would go get some pointers.

Mark Caldwell, the PGA certified instructor at Canyon Springs Golf Course couldn't have been more helpful. It didn't take him any time to see what I was doing wrong. My set up was pretty good, he said I had a nice athletic swing, then he spotted a major problem.

My left knee was moving like Elvis Presley's hips. Caldwell showed a few tips to stabilize the knee, keep my weight balanced and within about an hour he had me striking the ball much better. If you want to check out his website, click on this link.