SAN ANTONIO — Social distancing has become the new norm for most of the country, and, with that, a temporary stoppage of the sports world. But one former professional basketball player-turned-coach is taking training into the virtual world.

"It's unfortunate that our world is in the situation right now, but I do think we will overcome it," says David Jones, also known as "DJ," who has been coaching kids for 24 years. "You take a couple days off and it may be okay, but once you get into the third and fourth day, that really throws off your biological timing."

That's why he's encouraging the more than 80 kids he coaches to use his virtual training, kicking off next week. 

"To help them to retain what we've been working on for so long and to kind of keep their mind off of what the world is going through now with the coronavirus."

Napat Thepuatrakul, a 16-year-old athlete who has been training with Coach DJ for close to five years, says that while this is new territory for the game he's so used to, it's another example of his coach pushing his players. 

"It puts a social responsibility on us to not only protect us from the virus, but it also makes us better athletes," Napat said. 

DJ has already been doing one-on-one virtual training with his daughter, and now he's opening it up to the public . 

"With this virtual training it's going to help you learn some things about yourself that you would've never known without these circumstances," he said. 

To find out more about DJ's 1-on-1 virtual training head to or You can also email him at

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