SAN ANTONIO — There's more to UIW's Bernie Martinez than just pitching. Not that he doesn't succeed when stepping on the mound.

Take it from his coach, Patrick Hallmark. 

"Bernie is the guy at the end of the game that we've given the ball to with the game on the line multiple times," Hallmark said. "He's got something like eight wins and seven saves, so there's 15 wins right there."

But, yes...Martinez does more than pitch. Let one of his teammates, Luke Taggart, another hurler, fill you in.

"He's pretty touch. He can rope, which I can't do, and I'm the one they call 'Cowboy,'" Taggart said. 

Martinez will tell you baseball is the main focus on his mind right now, but roping ain't far from it. In fact, it's another big part of his home life. 

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