SAN ANTONIO — In the San Antonio Fitness, Independent and Recreational Environment (SAFIRE) gym, Jamie Holt pulls out a ton of goodies from her Team USA backpack.

"These are the pants, passes to get into everything, little trinkets, our mascot," 29-year-old Holt said before pulling out her coveted silver medal. "It doesn't look real and it doesn't look heavy, but it is heavy."

Back in March, the San Antonio native took the trip of a lifetime to Abu Dhabi.

"That was one of my bucket-lists--I want to go to the Olympics, but how can I go?"

Some are spectators like Jamie's father, Steve, who made the trip to see his daughter shine.

"It's pretty phenomenal. There were approximately 170 countries participating," Steve said.

Others have the rare opportunity to participate and represent their country, like Jamie.

"It was good. I'm just glad I got to pick and go because it was fun," Holt said with a smile.

Holt helped Team USA capture a silver medal at a very young age, and Steve knew his daughter would be a point guard.

Jamie Holt 2
Jamie Holt practices with her dad, Steve, at San Antonio Fitness, Independent and Recreational Environment (SAFIRE).

"When she was very young, she liked to control her situations," Steve said.

Immediately after Jamie was born, Steve and his wife knew something was different about their daughter.

"She's probably been to 100 doctors trying to diagnose what's going on," Steve explained. "Her initial diagnosis was autism--my wife and I don't believe she has autism. She's just more developmentally delayed."

No matter the diagnosis, this is the one thing in her life Jamie can't control.

"People see me as the label of special needs which is kind of hard because I know I can do better and some of it I've proved them wrong," Holt, who is also a swimmer and musician, said.

It's why sports have been such a great outlet.

"My advice is to let your child get involved and not be scared," Steve said.

Jamie added, "I like to work as a team, play and have fun. Hopefully make friendships and grow."

Jamie doesn't ask for much.

"Give me a chance, I'll try my best and let me be myself," Jamie said.

But she get's more than enough.

"I'm an Olympian now."