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San Antonio gym keeping kids active during summer

Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy opened its doors to kids looking to stay active during the Summer.

SAN ANTONIO — School’s out and camp is in. Kids of all ages are finding ways to get out of the house and stay active.

“You can just tell that they have been cooped up, and now they can come out and have fun and be kids," said Jenny Miller, the owner of Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy.

Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy took the opportunity to host a Summer camp, and community interest did not disappoint.

“Our summer program this year is Summer Fun 21. We were really excited to bring the kids back in after a long, crazy COVID year," said Nici Williams, Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy's manager. "When we brought them in we wanted to make sure that they were getting physical activity, along with making some new friends." 

“It’s really fun. We play a lot of games and activities," said Sofia Aubrey, a gymnast with Alamo Heights Gymnastics Academy.

“We started the summer program in the beginning of June, and it has been amazing for the kids," Miller said. "Being able to open up for Summer Camp full on this year, we are completely full."

Not only is summer camp great for exercise, but it’s also good to burn off some energy.

“Kids have a lot of energy, and they have to get it out somehow," Miller said. "And this has been a great safe environment for them not only to learn and do gymnastics but get the energy out."

“'Thank you for wearing my child out!' I hear it all the time -- 'we left here at 6 o’clock, and by 7 my child was asleep and slept all night, thank you so much,'" said Williams.

Some of the camp goers are also competitive gymnasts looking to improve their skills.

“I like to work out, I like to condition, I like to sweat, and I like to be strong. I like to feel strong,"  Aubrey said.