When they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, for Allison Frausto, they weren't necessarily referring to the shiny and bright stone.

"The first time I picked it up, it was okay, but then I started practicing with my dad and I started loving it," the middle schooler told KENS 5. 

Since she was three, Frausto has spent her happy times in life on a baseball field. Not a softball field, a baseball field. 

"Every time we go out, it's baseball, baseball, baseball," her dad and coach Tony Frausto said. "I always told her, in order to keep up with the boys, she needs to put in the work." 

All that work landed the athlete with a unique opportunity. Allison traveled to California to play in the MLB and USA Baseball Trailblazers Series, where the teen competed alongside a hundred other female baseball players for a tournament win. 

"We were undefeated. I had a good time there," she said 

A good time that only fuels this young woman's drive to break the barriers.

"There's a lot of coaches that say that girls are not allowed to play baseball because they're weak, they can't do it, it's too fast for them," Allison said. "But I say that they're wrong."

"Never take no for an answer," Allison's father added. 

Allison told KENS 5 she will play baseball until someone tells her she can't and she'll do it just as well, if not better than her teammates. 

"I'm better than a couple boys," she said with a laugh.