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'We know we get everyone's best game' | Q&A with Wizards District Gaming's Brandon 'BRich' Richardson

The Wizards are the NBA 2K League's defending champs and every team is looking to topple them.

SAN ANTONIO — If there is one team that has been placed atop the NBA 2K League's Mt. Rushmore of teams it would be Wizards District Gaming.

The team won back-to-back league titles (2020, 2021) and is currently the defending champ.

It boasts one of the best coaches, Pat Crossan, who has been with the franchise since its start and was named the NBA 2K League’s Coach of the Year following the 2021 championship season. 

In addition, the roster features some of the league's top players like DayFri and Newdini.

Toss in the fact Wizards District Gaming won the NBA 2K League’s first-ever Coinbase SLAM OPEN 3v3 Tournament, sweeping DUX Infinitos 4-0 in the best-of-seven series finals and it all but cements their place as one of the league's best.

Needless to say, they are the league's best franchises which mean each game they have a target on their backs.

And that is perfectly fine with guard Brandon "BRich" Robinson.

We caught up with Robinson following his recent late-game heroics to discuss the team being hunted each time they step on the virtual court and get into the mindset of the team with the 2022 season fully underway.

Jeff: This franchise has seen so much success and as you know, this means you and your teammates have a huge target on your backs. I assume this is perfectly fine for you.

Robinson: Having a target on our back, we know we get everyone's best game. Nobody wants to say, 'We got smoked by the Wizards.' They want to say, 'We smoked the Wizards.'

We know every game everyone is coming for our neck. We just got to be prepared.

Does that have to be a bit daunting? Just feeling the pressure to perform game-in and game-out with a target. 

I honestly don't even feel pressure. If anything, I love pressure. In the finals last year, I shined bright. On the stage that's where I feel I play my best. I feel that is all of us, though. We love the bright lights.

It is another season and you all are the defending champs. Do you feel this team has what it takes to get back to the Finals?

It's championship or bust, always! I don't play to lose and everybody in that locker room. We have that sentiment.

How would you assess your play so far this season?

I'm kind of a slow starter. It was like that last season when I got subbed in. I was the sixth-man last year when I got subbed in. Towards the end, I will figure it out. 

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