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Q&A: For Pistons GT's Ramo, team is flying under the radar and that is a good thing

"Being slept on gives us that motivation," Ramo said about Pistons GT's season.

SAN ANTONIO — The NBA 2K League is in the middle of its "Switch Open" segment of the season and Pistons GT is picking up wins and more importantly, momentum with the league's postseason looming.

The Switch Open features NBA 2K League and amateur/community teams competing in a round of 16 games that also featured best-of-five matches, while the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final will be best-of-seven. The winning team will receive $60,000 from the Switch Open’s $150,000 prize pool.

That is plenty of motivation for any team and for Pistons GT that is coming off their 4-2 series win over Bucks Gaming to advance to the semi-finals this weekend.

And helping the team in this mid-season surge is league veteran, Ramo "Ramo" Radoncic.

The USA Basketball E-National Team player says the team is finding its groove and ready to push forward for the remainder of this season.

And he is fine with the league not taking notice of his squad.

In this Q&A, Ramo talks to us about the team, Pistons GT is flying under the radar and more.

Jeff: Do you believe Pistons GT is overlooked?

Ramo: We're definitely overlooked. We're way better than our record shows. People around the league, you ask them and they can tell you that if you tell them we have two points [league point system based on wins] right now, they'd be shocked because we have two points.

It's not how we're represented as a team. You look at this team on paper and you know the talent is there. We just blew games and it's very unfortunate. 

Jeff: Is it safe to say that Pistons GT is being slept on as the season continues?

Ramo: Yeah! We're being slept on. 

Sure, there are trade rumors going back and forth but we keep it in-house. This is a family and at the end of the day, we're going to fight for one another.

I'm just going to lead the team by doing what I can. It's my fifth year in the league. I know what it takes to win. I'm just going to try to lead by example and lead these guys to victory.

Jeff: Does this team prefer to be under the radar?

Ramo: Honestly, being under the radar gives you that chip on your shoulder with people counting you out. It gives you that extra motivation. 

You don't want to be at the top of the totem pole because then you get complacent 

Being slept on gives us that motivation and personally gives me the motivation to prove people wrong. 

San Antonio Spurs fans can follow Pistons GT by visiting the official team Twitter page

Twitter: @KENS5, @JeffGSpursKENS5

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