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Texas Outdoors: This patch is about more than just pumpkins!

At Owl Creek Farm, the pumpkins just give the kids something extra to do!

SAN ANTONIO — There are specific things that make you think about the fall. 

Colder weather, leaves changing and almost everywhere you turn there is a pumpkin patch. 

Large, small, some even let you go out and cut your pumpkin from the vine.

In west San Antonio, the pumpkins may be the last thing the kids actually notice. 

When you pull up to Owl Creek Farm the first thing you see is the ponies...and kids are automatically pulled to them.

From there they move on to the goats, then ducks and chickens, then pot-bellied pigs and finally on to the alpacas. 

"It's fun to watch the parents chase them," says manager Carol Bolte. 

The farm is in far west San Antonio, off Military Drive, tucked away down a gravel drive. 

It also offers hayrides and pony rides, hosts birthday parties and groups of kids from schools to scouting, to individual families who just want to spend some time in the country environment...without having to leave town.

If you're interested in picking out a pumpkin at Owl Creek Farm, or maybe just letting the kids spend a little time interacting with animals you can learn more about Owl Creek Farm online.