BANDERA, Texas — The Medina river flows from northern Bandera county an ultimately merges with the San Antonio river in southern Bexar county.

Before the river is dammed, forming Medina Lake, it flows through some beautiful Hill Country scenery. The Medina River Company gives you a chance to see that from an inner tube or a kayak. 

Colby Miller, who owns the company grew up on the river. He says almost everyone who floats the river once, comes back. Miller offers floats of up to six miles, or for the more adventurous over night trips...but you have to bring your own camping gear.

The river is clear and cool, ranging anywhere from a foot to about 8 feet deep, depending on how much rain we get. "This year it's been good" Miller says. "Last year we had to shut down August 1st, because we just didn't have enough rain."

Miller says "most people come here because they want to get away from the crowds on the Comal or Guadalupe. Most times you don't even see another group when you're on the river."

It is an amazing contrast to most float or kayak trips, in it's quietness, or solitude if you prefer. If you are interested in contacting the medina River Company about a float trip, here is a link to it's website and facebook page: