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Texas Outdoors: Morgan's Wonderland offers the hook-up...to fish!

On top of making theme park rides accessible to special needs people, Morgan's Wonderland gives them an opportunity to fish!

You sit, most times quietly...often letting your mind wander. Then subtly, or sometimes violently the fight is on. A big catfish has the bait and is running off.

The next sound you hear is the excited squealing of a child who may have never been fishing before. And the look on their face when they reel in that fish...is priceless! 

Morgan's Wonderland gives special needs individuals lots of opportunities to experience things they may have never done. "When I tell them they can fish, they're like real fish? And I say yes real fish!" says Operations Manager Rodney Mosley.

For the retired Marine Drill Instructor, his job hits close to home. Mosley's teenage daughter has special needs. He says as they learned of her needs, his eyes were opened to things he never saw.

On the Wharf, park workers make it easy for guests to drop a line in the water and feel that tug. When you're there and see how the kids light up when it happens...it also tugs at your heart To check out Morgan's Wonderland, click on this link:https://www.morganswonderland.com/