ATASCOSA COUNTY, Texas — The line twitches ever so slightly...then begins to pull out as the fish runs with the bait. You let it go until all the slack is just about gone, then jerk back and up...and the fight is on.

The Largemouth Bass has to be one of the most chased after fish on the planet. There are boats and clubs and entire stores named after them. It is an industry all to itself, yet it is one of the most simple forms of fishing.

It will continue to be a part of our outdoor heritage, especially if the texas brigades have anything to say about it. The Texas Brigades is not just about bass or fishing, it is about everything outdoors and conservation.

Cadets, 13 to 17 years old are able to pick from 8 different camps they want to attend, to learn more about their specific area of interest, or perhaps learn something totally new to them.

It also allows them to work on projects and presentations, earning them points to attend future camps as assistant leaders. I had an invitation to go bass fishing with three cadets, who took me to a private pond where I learned about their organization... and our conservation future looks good!