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Texas Outdoors: As the temperatures drop, it's a good time to drop your handicap!

Golf courses are usually crowded, but the winter temperatures drive off a lot of players. Now is a good time to get in a round.

6 hours is a long time to chase a ball. 9 months out of the year, it's not unusual to take that long to complete a round of golf, start to finish. The wintertime, chances off a lot of weekend hacks.

Winter is also a perfect time for you to really work on your game and concentrate, through an entire round. Most South Texas winters allow you to get in a lot of golf because a lot of golfers won't play if it's 50 degrees.

"We have a number of regulars who come out regardless," says Hyatt Hill Country Resort pro, Pat Roper. He says they have a steady stream of players, pretty much year-round, but the warm winter days bring golfers out in droves.

There are more than 2 dozen golf courses in the San Antonio area. During the spring, summer and fall it is sometimes impossible to get a decent tee time. The winter, not only brings a lot more openings, it brings a much slower pace to the game.

When you're able to slow down, concentrate on each shot and not rush your scores naturally lower. "Even if you're just practicing, you should make every shot count," Roper says. If you do it on the practice range, you'll do it on the course.

Winter is also the time when many golf courses offer special prices. Hyatt Hill Country Resort has two running right now. You can play unlimited golf through February for $500...or buy a 10 round punch card for $399. if you're interested in checking out the course, here's a link to its website: https://www.hyatthillcountrygolf.com