CAST for Kids gives kids and their families who have dealt with adversity all their life a chance to get away. 

“Our foundation is all about enriching the lives of special needs families,” Jim Benhke explained. “It's about blessing their families with a wonderful day. But more importantly its about bringing communities together to support the special needs children who live in their communities."

CAST stands for Catch A Special Thrill. And how could you not, seeing the face of a child light up.

"i mean it's awesome to for them to hold a big old catfish or big old bass,” Benhke said, “but i'm telling you my favorite photograph at events is the child holding up a little bluegill, and their smile is wider than the fish is long."

It's a safe bet there will be tons of smiles at Morgan's Wonderland when the kids walk out onto this dock. They’ll receive the rod, reel and tacklebox as a gift. 

And the smiles won't just be on the kid's faces. Behnke lights up when he talks about any of the 75 events CAST for Kids put on last year. But this one, he knows will be special. “We do events in private farm ponds for kids, we do them in rivers, lakes everything. We've never thought to have one here. It's a brilliant idea, it's a perfect location, and thank you to Morgan's Wonderland for allowing us to do this."

Behnke says it's an unforgettable experience for the kids and the parents, who he says often send him emails about the kids after the events.

It's like the old adage about teaching a man to fish. These events make memories that last a lifetime for the kids, the parents, and the volunteers.