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Looking to go-kart in the San Antonio area? We've got you covered | Texas Outdoors

If you have the need for speed, there's a place where you can race!

MARION, Texas — It's the closest many of us will ever get to NASCAR or the Indy 500. It is still almost as exciting though.

Speeding down a straight-away, then feeling the tires start to slip as you slide around the corner and mash down on the throttle again; SA Karting Complex offers thrills!

They allow any driver, 12-years or older, the opportunity to have the thrill of racing, whether it's against your buddies or the clock. 

"I wanted to be a NASCAR driver all my life and I never got to do that," says owner Larry Skloss. "So, I guess this is the closest thing I'm going to get to that!"

Skloss hasn't missed the feeling by much. His karts will do up to 65 MPH around his, for now, half a mile track. He has plans to expand it to 9/10th's of a mile in the future and eventually hold kart races for organizations around the state and country.

SA Karting also allows you to download an app so you can keep track of you and your friends laps, just to help add more spirit of competition. 

They offer individual races as well for group or corporates opportunities. If you'd like to check out SA Karting Complex's website, click here.

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