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Choke Canyon Lake has big bass, if you can find them | Texas Outdoors

We were throwing rattle baits and spinners and having a little bit of luck.

SAN ANTONIO — There's nothing like that tug or hard hit when a big mouth bass garbs your lure. The adrenaline starts to flow and the battle is on. For the next few minutes, it's literally a battle of will, toughness and the strength of your fishing line.

My fishing partner this day, Armand Martinez, knows this lake forward and backwards; he's here all the time. Last time we were on Choke Canyon, KENS 5 photojournalist Mike Vigil, hooked at least a 7 or 8 pound bass that came out of the water twice before breaking his line. 

We were white bass fishing!

This day, we strung up heavy duty, braided line meant for hauling big bass out of the hyacinth and hydrilla that is right now choking Choke's banks and shallow waters.

We were throwing rattle baits and spinners and having a little bit of luck. At least, Armand was. I was getting bites, but couldn't seem to hook anything. We kept fishing, looking for that big, pre-spawn lunker.

The water was about 67 degrees and calm, wind was light and it was a beautiful day. We watched as an Osprey sat high in one of the dead trees in the lake, and ate a two pound bass he had caught.

That fish turned out to be bigger than anything we caught this day, but there are some funny moments in the story that you really should watch.

If you're interested in checking out Choke Canyon lake, click here. 

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