Team USA's Nathan Chen's Olympic appearance got off to a rocky start, Thursday, after he fell during his short program.

The 2018 Games in PyeongChang are the 18-year-old's first Olympics, and Twitter is offering the figure skater a flood of support after the fall landed him in fourth place.

After the skate, Chen apologized to his fellow teammates telling NBC Olympics, "I’m really upset that I let the team down with that short program. Definitely not what I wanted to put out," he said. "It’s not a representation of who I am and what I can do. I need to work harder for the next couple of days."

Twitter was quick to come to his defense, thought telling him to brush it off.

Twitter also had theories that maybe the rink was defective after Chen and multiple other skaters fell on the ice.

After it was all said and done, Chen ended up fourth, behind Japan's Shoma Uno, who took first place, Israel's Alexi Bychenko, who came in second, and Patriick Chan of Canada, who rounded out the top three.