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Is Jerry Jones the reason San Antonio doesn't have an NFL team? Mayor Nirenberg doesn't think so.

"I think that is way overblown," Nirenberg said. "If Aggies and Longhorns can coexist there, the Dallas Cowboys share that with other fans."

SAN ANTONIO — We spent some time with San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg gauging his thoughts on San Antonio ever landing an NFL franchise. 

It has long been speculated that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would never allow that to happen because he knows that San Antonio loves America's Team, and a competitor on the I-35 corridor would be bad for business. The mayor downplayed the idea.

"You know, I think that is way overblown," Nirenberg said. "Nobody owns the 35 corridor. The people of Texas own the corridor, and if Aggies and Longhorns can coexist there, the Dallas Cowboys share that with other fans as well, and they currently do."

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The long standing claim is that Jerry Jones would never allow another NFL franchise to establish itself in San Antonio.

Through the Cowboys, Mr. Jones declined to comment on this story. Mayor Nirenberg somewhat understood that. 

"I'm not gonna speak for Jerry, but I've had an interview about speculation about what is gonna happen with the NFL probably once every couple of months," he said. 

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Nirenberg noted that San Antonio is on an upward trend that compares favorably to any city in the country. 

"I'm excited about the future, but does that mean that future will be determined tomorrow? I don't know," he said. "I look at San Antonio and I say to any business that is looking for long term returns on your investment, and a bright future, there is not a better place to be that San Antonio, and that includes professional sports franchises."

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The San Antonio Commanders led the Alliance Of American Football in attendance in the league's first and only season.

And for those who are old enough to remember every semi-professional team that has history in the Alamo City, you know they have had success. Fan interest and fan support has been there, and would be there for the next franchise to announce their arrival. Mayor Nirenberg agrees that San Antonio loves their football, and that the fan support would show that.

"We have the best fans. We are rabid sports fans, football included," he said. "We celebrate with the best of them, but we also celebrate together, and our corporate community is very supportive of our home teams. The most difficult part of economic development in San Antonio is getting folks to book the first flight. Once they are down here and experience our city they are hooked! We just need them to come down and take a look."

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