DALLAS — After nearly a month holdout, the Dallas Cowboys have proposed a new offer to Ezekiel Elliott. It's an offer that would make him one of the highest-paid running backs in the league, sources confirm. 

Sources say the offer is more than Le'veon Bell who is currently the second-highest paid, but not more than Todd Gurley, who is highest-paid running back.

WFAA has not heard back from Elliott's agents, but sources are emphasizing this is not a done deal.  

According to sources, Elliott wants an offer that would pay him more than Gurley because he "feels he is better than him." 

The latest proposal comes just days after the standout running back was spotted on a plane coming back of Mexico over the weekend. 

Ezekiel Elliott returns from Mexico.
Ezekiel Elliott returns from Mexico.

Elliott set up shop in Cabo after failing to show up to training camp last month. 

Owner Jerry Jones joked around with media after Saturday’s preseason game in Hawaii. He responded, “Zeke who?” When asked if running back Tony Pollard was the ‘best negotiator’ with Elliott after his strong play in during preseason. 

The Cowboys will play their season opener against the New York Giants on Sept. 8. 

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