After months of phone calls, texts and visits from coaches representing virtually every Power 5 conference school in the country, Clemens wide receiver Tommy Bush slept on his college decision Tuesday night.

When National Signing Day dawned Wednesday morning, Bush told his parents of his choice and started getting ready for the biggest day of his life.

Bush made it official a little past 11:15 a.m., signing a letter of intent with Georgia live before a national television audience on ESPN. Bush was among 21 Clemens boys and girls athletes who signed scholarship agreements during an assembly in the school auditorium.

Three other Clemens football players signed with Football Bowl Subdivision schools -- offensive tackle Shendon Benson (UTEP), defensive end Carter Breu (Air Force) and defensive tackle Savien Jenkins (UTEP).

"I definitely slept on it," Bush said. "I probably decided this morning. It was just that gut feeling I had. I talked to my family, the Georgia coaching staff, and everything was good to go."

Decked out in a suit and wearing a Georgia cap, Bush looked more relieved than happy after revealing his choice to the audience.

"I'm glad it's over, but it's been a blessing," Bush said, referring to recruiting. "It can overwhelm you. I would tell anybody to take your time and go with your gut feeling. Make this decision for you. Be selfish with it. A lot of people are going to say what you should do, but you know what you want to do in your heart. Just go with it."

Sitting at a table on the auditorium stage and flanked by his parents, Annie and Tommy Bush Sr., the blue-chip athlete held his 5-month-old niece Nayeli.

In front of Bush lay caps of five universities -- Georgia, Texas, Baylor, Ole Miss and Michigan State.

Clemens wide receiver Tommy Bush, holding his niece, Nayeli, on Wednesday had scholarship offers from virtually every Power 5 conference team in the country.
Clemens wide receiver Tommy Bush, holding his niece, Nayeli, on Wednesday had scholarship offers from virtually every Power 5 conference team in the country.

When it came time to announce his decision, Bush removed the jacket his niece was wearing to reveal the Georgia shirt she was wearing underneath. The audience cheered loudly as Bush smiled.

So, why Georgia?

"Just because it's been a gut feeling for a long time," Bush said. "It's been a hard decision to make, right down to the wire. The staff at Georgia, they're going to fully develop me. They have a family atmosphere, but at the same time it's business, which is exactly what I need. They got the best [recruiting] class coming up. It's highly competitive and I know I'll succeed there."

Bush is part of a Georgia recruiting class that is being touted as one of the best in the country this season.

Playing in Clemens' run-oriented offense, Bush finished with 23 receptions for 302 yards and five TDs as a senior. But his 6-foot-5, 195-pound frame and blazing speed make him a prospect with tremendous upside.

"College coaches don't put a lot into statistics," Clemens coach Jared Johnston said. "They know Tommy can play and has a lot of athletic ability and speed. I'm super proud of him. I know that he and his parents put a lot of thought process into this. He handled everything real well. I'm very happy for him."

Asked if he already was leaning toward Georgia when the Bulldogs played Alabama in the College Football Playoff title game on Jan. 8, Bush said: "It's kind of weird to explain. It goes back to that gut feeling I've been having for a long time. I've been visiting other schools to make sure that's where I wanted to go."

Alabama beat Georgia 26-23, in overtime, to win its fifth national championship since 2009 under coach Nick Saban.

Bush made official visits, in order, to Nebraska, Michigan State, Georgia, Ole Miss and Baylor last. He also made "a bunch" of unofficial visits, including Texas on the way back from Baylor last weekend.

"It was really tough to decide," Bush said. "I had a great bond with Baylor. It was hard not to go to Texas as well. Michigan State was a great program all around. It was hard telling them no. Ole Miss has the perfect offense for me. That was like the wide receiver's dream, but Georgia is what's best for me."

Bush said he's looking forward to playing in the rough-and-tumble Southeastern Conference.

"They put the best in that league," Bush said. "It's highly competitive. You want to be the best, you play against the best."

The son of an Air Force veteran, Bush was born in Alaska and moved to the San Antonio area with his family the summer before his freshman year at Clemens.

"His mother and I are very proud of how Tommy handled the whole recruiting process," Tommy Sr. said. "I'm more glad to see my son have some relief. I'm glad it's over. We told him to go pray [Tuesday night], and gave him peace. We told him to put his phone up and stay off twitter. Just kind of get at peace and get in his quiet spot.

"When he got up this morning, he had a peace about him. He said, 'That's where I want to go to school.' With Baylor and Texas really pulling on him to stay home, I knew that weighed really heavy on him. I told him, 'Wherever you go, we'll be with you regardless.'"