SAN ANTONIO - After Monday night's game, chances are more than just the Spurs' win is trending on social media feeds nationwide Tuesday morning.

Grizzlies coach, David Fizdale went off on the refs following their Game Two loss at the AT&T Center.

Kawhi Leonard's big night was one of the many reasons Fizdale was visibly upset. The Grizzlies only managed 15 free throws collectively as a team.

During the postgame press conference, Fizdale became angered, even raising his voice to the point of shouting. During his rant aimed at the refs and others, he said it was a "poorly officiated game."

“We don't get the respect,” Fizdale screamed. “Take 'dat for data.’”

His post-game rant has sparked a lot of social media response this morning.

“OMG! Tell this coach to stop ‘Kawhi-ing!’” Delissa Crayton posted,

The Spurs play the Grizzlies Thursday night in Memphis for Game Three as they continue the first rounds of playoffs.