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GAME BLOG: Spurs fall to Phoenix Suns at home

Final score: Suns 103, Spurs 99
Credit: KENS 5


Suns 103, Spurs 99

The Spurs' recent winning streak has come to an end.

Despite a promising third quarter, the Spurs could not push ahead of the Phoenix Suns, trailing the team by five points for much of the fourth quarter. 

As KENS sports reporter/anchor Evan Closky tweeted: 

Despite numerous opportunities offensively, the Spurs were unable to make the most of them. 

With tonight's win, the Suns end an 11-game losing streak in the Alamo City, the most recent of which happened on Monday as the Silver & Black narrowly defeated the Suns 120 to 118.


An unnecessary lob from White to LA leads to missed opportunity with 1:31 left in the fourth. Suns 98, Spurs 95. 


White draws a foul, hits both free throws to close the deficit. Suns 94, Spurs 93. 


AND ONE! DeMar DeRozan drives to the basket and draws a foul at the 5:41 mark. Suns 91, Spurs 88.


Phoenix Suns lead by four, 90-86 with 7:02 left in the fourth. 


Lonnie Walker IV keeps the deficit to three with a basket at the 8:21 mark. 


While their defense still isn't as strong, it's clear that the Silver & Black have made some adjustments offensively. Suns 78, Spurs 77.


Patty Mills with a THREE just 22 seconds into the fourth quarter!

Third Quarter

Suns 78, Spurs 72

The Spurs trail Phoenix by 5 points as they have much of the third quarter. 


LA with the spin-move and subsequent basket leads the team with 13 points. Sun 67, Spurs 64. 


"Not in this house!"- Trey Lyles on that last block, probably


And there's Lyles with a THREE! Spurs manage to bring the gap down, trailing the Suns by only 5 points, with 5:57 left in the third.


Phoenix up 10, 7:31 left in the third quarter. Suns draw a foul. 


Miscommunication between Murray and Lyles leads to a missed pass that goes out of bounds. SA is currently at 9 turnovers.


Quick and purposeful ball movement this time around ends with Bryn Forbes sinking a basket. 


Slow and steady moves the team along in the third quarter. Dejounte Murray drives to the basket for the first point of the quarter. 

 Half-time Slideshow

Second Quarter

Suns 56, Spurs 44

Missed shots, turnovers and a weak defense put the Spurs 12 points behind as the Silver & Black close out the second quarter. 


Coach Gregg Popovich calls for a timeout as the Spurs' defense struggles. 


Phoenix takes the lead as SA continues to miss shots following a time-out. Ball-movement seems to clear purpose and appears to be done for the sake of it rather than necessity. Suns lead 40-35. 


With eight minutes left in the second quarter, the Spurs lead, but not by much; Spurs 35, Suns 27.


Less than two minutes into the second quarter Patty Mills scores a three off of a pass from White.


Patty Mills and Derrick White kick off the 2nd quarter with a basket thanks to some strong defense. 

First Quarter

Suns 22, Spurs 28 

The Spurs close out the quarter with a breakaway and a near-dunk by Lonnie Walker who instead decides to pass to Patty Mills who tries for a basket but misses. Mills then tries for a three when the team successfully rebounds, but instead hits the board. 


Following the Silver & Black's first timeout of the game, the team comes back in with a new level of determination; Lonnie Walker IV scores a three. 


The Spurs seem to hit their stride mid-quarter, with Forbes and LA both scoring threes.


Despite winning the jump ball, the Spurs get off to a rough start missing easy layups and failing to rebound. 

A look at the Spurs' starting lineup: DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge, Trey Lyles, Bryn Forbes, and Dejounte Murray; these starting five will face off against the Suns' Kelly Oubre Jr, Dario Saric, Deandre Ayton, Devin Booker, and Ricky Rubio. 


After defeating the New Orleans Pelicans and Zion Williamson, the Silver and Black are hoping to keep that momentum going into tonight's matchup against the Pheonix Suns. 

Earlier this week, the Spurs traveled to Pheonix to take on the Suns where they narrowly claimed the W; Final Score: 120-118. Tonight, the Spurs will have home-court advantage 

Currently, the Spurs are ranked eighth in the Western Conference, three spots ahead of the Suns. 

Since the New Year, the Spurs have won six of the last 11 games; the last three wins being consecutive. 

Friday night's game tips off at 7:30 p.m. at the AT&T Center; follow along here for live updates.


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