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'Guys are really athletic' | Spurs rookie Wieskamp is quickly learning about the NBA level of play

Wieskamp shares some NBA lessons already learned.

SAN ANTONIO — The Austin Spurs is a training ground for San Antonio Spurs rookies looking for their way to be a part of the San Antonio permanent roster.

In Austin, young players can get playing time not yet afforded to them in San Antonio and immerse themselves into the Spurs' system before even putting on a San Antonio jersey.

They can also learn more about what it takes to make it on the NBA level.

And Spurs rookie Joe Wieskamp is learning fast about what it takes to make it on the NBA stage.

"It's really fast-paced, guys are really athletic," Wieskamp said. "They get the ball out of the rim quick and get out and transition, so you got to get your defense back."

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The Spurs development path has worked for many young players.

Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, Tre Jones, and many others before them have gone through the Austin-Spurs path before landing in San Antonio.

In the G League, players can also develop the confidence to play at the pro-level. Something Wieskamp has in droves.

"Obviously, I see myself as a really good shooter, so I'm going to continue to shoot no matter how many I miss," Wieskamp said. "My mindset is the next one's going in. So if I get an open look from three, I'm going to take it."

Currently, he is the third-leading scorer for Austin averaging 16.3 points per game along with a team-high 41% shooting from the three-point arc.

Stats aside, his time with Austin is also allowing him to learn it takes more than putting the ball into the basket.

"It really starts with communication," Wieskamp said.

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That type of on-the-job training is something he won't get much of in San Antonio in his rookie season.

He is currently averaging 31.7 minutes per game in Austin. Those are valuable minutes for developmental purposes.

And it is already paying off for him and San Antonio as his NBA education continues.

"I think that obviously, the four [position] is a little bit bigger, so guys are more spread out," Wieskamp said about what he is learning about the NBA.

Wieskamp's NBA training will continue as the Spurs announced they transferred him to Austin on Tuesday.

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