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Spurs, RC Buford honor the impact left in the San Antonio community by journalist, Michael De Leon

The Spurs organization joined the San Antonio community to recognize the incredible impact left by De Leon.

SAN ANTONIO — Mention Spurs writer Michael De Leon's name throughout San Antonio and you'll likely hear overwhelming glowing comments.

"Helpful." "Big heart." "Outstanding person." "One of the best."

De Leon started one of the first fan websites dedicated to all things Spurs, "Project Spurs," in the early 2000s.

With his dream for a Spurs fan site and a love for the Silver and Black, the website skyrocketed and became a destination for Spurs fans eager for anything about their favorite NBA team.

The website also became a launching pad for many looking to find their way into the sports media world.

At Project Spurs, he'd mentor, teach, and encourage anyone who needed help. He saw their potential and was ready to help them realize their dreams.

What he did positively impacted the Spurs community and the team.

When news broke Monday that De Leon passed away following a battle with leukemia, the Spurs immediately tweeted their condolences.

The tweet went viral and fans applauded the kind gesture.

But it did not stop with just a tweet.

A GoFundMe website was established by his brother, Frank De Leon, in the hopes the community will help with funeral expenses.

Numerous people immediately donated and among pitching in are the Spurs.

The organization recently made a $1000.00 donation towards De Leon's funeral expenses as their way to recognize his decades of support.

Credit: GoFundMe

And it did not stop with just the organization.

Donating to the fund to help the De Leon family in their time of need is Spurs CEO, RC Buford, with a generous donation of an additional $1000.00.

It is his way to honor and recognize Michael's years of outstanding work covering the team and leaving a positive impact in San Antonio.

Credit: GoFundMe

The Spurs and the San Antonio community coming together is a reflection of how close San Antonio is with one another.

Community and family are a priority with the Spurs (just as it is with its residents) and this is just one example of how much the entire Spurs organization cares.

If you would like to join the Spurs, Buford, and the San Antonio community with a donation for the De Leon family, visit the GoFundMe page.  

Money raised beyond the funeral expenses will be moved towards establishing a scholarship fund in Michael's name.

Twitter: @KENS5, @JeffGSpursKENS5 

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