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Spurs' Manu Ginobili reveals why he turned in his sports car for a minivan

"We have a dog and after doing some research, a minivan was the way to go," Ginobili said.

SAN ANTONIO — Most NBA players can be seen driving in the fastest, flashiest, and top-of-the-line cars.

Pick a name-brand car and chances are an NBA player will have one parked in their garage or be seen pulling into an arena, ready to get to work.

And perhaps that was true for Spurs legend Manu Ginobili up until he became a father in 2011.

Speaking with the "All The Hacks" podcast, Ginobili opened up when he realized he had to turn in his sports car for a sensible, family minivan.

"I thought it was the best we could get for having twins. We had a bunch of stuff to put in there," Ginobili said. "We have a dog and after doing some research, a minivan was the way to go."

Ginobili did say it took some convincing on his part to get his wife on board but fast forward 10 years later, she drives it more than he does.

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The Spurs great went on to share a story of how he and former NBA player, Tyson Chandler, bonded over being minivan dads.

"I remember one time I was shooting free throws and Tyson Chandler comes up to me and says, 'So you have a minivan too? We are two now in the NBA'," Ginobili said.

Ginobili is putting his family first well into retirement. He shares photos of their travels and hamming it up for the camera with his wife.

Ginobili is now the player development coach for the Spurs.

Perhaps he can impart some sage advice about minivans to guard Derrick White who is a new father.

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