SAN ANTONIO — Summer temperatures are continuing to ramp up, up, up and a San Antonio Spur is teaming up with PETA in reminding you to think, think, think again before leaving your dogs in hot parked cars. 

A video created by PETA features Spurs guard Lonnie Walker and his dog, Zola, in a humorous spin on a serious subject for our furry family members. In the video, Zola goes into the grocery store while Walker stays in the hot car. 

As you can expect, it doesn't take long for the athlete to get exhausted. The longer the video goes the more the heat goes up in the vehicle, a reminder to pet owners that temperatures in hot cars reach levels higher than outside. 

The video reminds pet owners that dogs don't have the capability to sweat, and panting only goes so far to avoid heatstroke. 

"Every year dogs suffer and die when they're left in parked cars on warm days," Walker later says into the camera. "Heatstrokes can occur quickly, even with the windows partially rolled down."