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Spurs' Lonnie Walker IV honored to be a part of Popovich's coaching record and franchise legends

"It's like a dream that I haven't woken up yet," said Walker.

SAN ANTONIO — With water being sprayed everywhere in the team locker room, Keldon Johnson yelling in excitement and a smiling Spurs' Gregg Popovich drenched, the players celebrated the franchise's long-time head coach's monumental milestone.

On March 11, Popovich secured his 1,336th career win to break the all-time record for career wins by a coach in NBA history.

"It's just a testament to a whole lot of people," Popovich said after making history.

And one of the many players to have the privilege to be coached by him is Lonnie Walker IV.

"Amazing," said Walker at the "Never Give Up" rally at LaVernia High School, sponsored by The Lonnie Walker IV Foundation and Fantastic Sams. 

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Aside from the current roster of players, celebrating Popovich's moment was David Robinson who took time to congratulate his former coach.

And seeing Robinson sparked Walker to think about the legends to have played under Popovich and share the same uniform with him.

It also allowed him to find a "one-up" moment on the franchise's legendary "Big 3."

"I kind of was saying some stuff where I was just like, 'Wasn't Manu or TP [Tony Parker] or Tim [Duncan] who broke the record. It was us." joked Walker. 

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Jokes aside, being a part of Popovich's moment is huge for the young Spurs player, as well as being a part of a franchise that boasts several all-time greats, 

And it humbles Walker.

"It's an honor being able to live through the big three, David Robinson, having TP [Tony Parker] at the game. You have these legends that are coming to the games and that have played and been in my position," Walker said. "So it's truly surreal." 

Credit: AP
San Antonio Spurs' Lonnie Walker IV moves the ball during an NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards, Friday, Feb. 25, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Walker will be heading into restricted free agency this offseason as his NBA future will be decided: Will he remain in San Antonio or put on a new uniform?

However, he's making a strong case for the Spurs to offer him a new deal, or for another team to do the same.

He's currently averaging 17.1 per game since the All-Star break and being more consistent than he ever has in his time with the Spurs. This includes 20-plus point outings in three-game straight before injuring his back against the Pelicans on March 18.

And even though it remains an open question as to his NBA future, Walker still cannot believe his NBA dreams came true, even as he closes in on the end of his fourth season in San Antonio.

"Sometimes when I sit down and think about it, it's like a dream that I haven't woken up yet," said Walker. "And that's one of the best things that I can appreciate through this all is that my dream finally became a reality and yet it still feels like more of a dream than a reality."

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