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Spurs' Lonnie Walker is putting fans first in the offseason

The Spurs guard has been meeting up with fans and bringing smiles across San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Spurs are well into their offseason and while some players are vacationing with their loved ones, getting engaged, or working out to stay in shape, guard Lonnie Walker IV has been mingling with fans throughout San Antonio.

From visiting Harlandale High School on the city's South Side to attending the TDK street gear convention in San Marcos, Texas, here's Walker (along with his dog, Zola) staying connected with the fans and bringing smiles across the city.

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The Spurs guard has been going the extra mile for San Antonio and the surrounding community.

The Lonnie Walker IV Walker Foundation, along with Fantastic Sams, recently collected over $1,300 of supplies generously donated to support the Bluebonnet Children's Advocacy Center in Hondo, Texas.

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Then there was the "Hair-A-Thon" providing free haircuts to everyone in San Antonio and other places near Bexar County, the "Pawtography" event where he met with fans and their pet dogs, and was on hand encouraging students at La Vernia High School to stay in school and not give up on their dreams and ambitions.

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"Growing up as a kid, I was always a bigger picture kid, helping out others, doing the best I can," Walker said. "When my dreams finally became reality and I got drafted by the Spurs organization, that's when I got the opportunity to take that next step into taking that role and helping out as many kids as I can the next generation."

Up next for Walker and his foundation is a golf tournament where the goal is to raise funds to keep the Lonnie Walker IV Foundation thriving and helping the San Antonio and surrounding communities.

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Special guests include Spurs' Keldon Johnson and Joe Wieskamp.

Overall, this is great to see Walker making time for fans and putting them first.

He's staying humble and is showing pro-players can be assessable to the community that supports him and the Spurs. 

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