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WATCH: Spurs' Keldon Johnson gets beat by high school player in a game of hoops

Keldon is such a good sport!

SAN ANTONIO — It was all fun and games at Lanier High School recently when Spurs' Keldon Johnson made a visit.

With the Lady Voks Basketball season right around the corner, Johnson competed against one of the basketball players in a game of hoops with a surprising outcome.

The Spurs forward lost!

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Check out the video of the pair duking it out on the court and the crowd cheering as the high schooler beat the pro-NBA player.

Obviously, this was just for fun and Johnson was being a good sport to help boost the team's morale as well as give back to the San Antonio community and Lanier.

As for the Lanier player, it's a great memory she will have for the rest of her life as the night she picked up the win over the Spurs budding star!

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