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Spurs great Tony Parker comes up short at WSOP

Parker's chase for a poker title ended fast.

SAN ANTONIO — After retiring from basketball, Spurs great Tony Parker has dived into the world of professional poker.

And he got his shot and a seat at the table at the 2021 World Series of Poker.

Parker qualified for the event after winning a charity tournament back in January.

However, he came up short in round one of the WSOP ending his chase to add a WSOP championship bracelet.

Ahead of the tournament, Parker spoke about becoming a pro-poker player and admitted poker is harder than playing basketball.

As for who was the best poker players among his San Antonio teammates, Parker noted he was the best but that Tim Duncan, Michael Finley, and Kurt Thomas are also solid at poker.

"I was playing some great games with Timmy [Duncan], Michael Finley, Kurt Thomas. We had some good players," Parker said.

Parker will get another chance to capture a WSOP championship in 2022. 

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