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Spurs fans dogpile Fox Sports' Bayless after he throws shade at Spurs' Popovich

Bayless consistently calls the Spurs his team.

SAN ANTONIO โ€” Ex-Spur DeMar DeRozan is having an MVP season with the Bulls.

He's posting incredible numbers currently at 28.3 points per game off 51% shooting and leading the Bulls to the second-best record in the East.

DeRozan has not forgotten how much Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich did for him during his time in San Antonio, unlocking his game to new heights.

However, it seems Fox Sports' Skip Bayless did not hear DeRozan's praise and took a verbal jab at Popovich on Twitter.

"I'm starting to think DeMar DeRozan has taken the MVP lead," Bayless tweeted. "I'm also wondering why the San Antonio coach failed to unlock this kind of performance in either of the previous two season."

Spurs fans saw this tweet and gave him a piece of their minds.

Speaking with ESPN, DeRozan recalls how Popovich shifted him to the point guard spot. This allowed him to see the game differently and realize he can do more than just be a one-dimensional scorer. 

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"Before then, I was a scorer...if I'm 5-for-30, I don't care. If I'm 15-for-30. Like that was my whole mindset. [Popovich] challenged me to the point of understanding the game in the complete whole," DeRozan said. "How to be a point guard. How to be a playmaker. How to dictate the game. How to move without the play. How to play without the ball. How not to turn over the ball."

"It was like, all right, cool, I want to take on this challenge because I don't want to be mad about me being here," DeRozan told ESPN. "You can't just dribble, dribble, dribble; you've got to be efficient with everything you do... slowly but surely, it made me a better basketball player, understanding stuff on the court instead of just scoring."

In three seasons with the Spurs, DeRozan posted 21.6 points per game while leading the team in assists with 6.2 per game along with 49-percent shooting.

What do you have to say about Bayless' comment, Spurs fans? Let us know on Twitter at @KENS5 and at @JeffGSpursKENS5.

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