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Spurs' Derrick White lists the toughest players he has faced, which Spurs will improve, will the coffee game go on and more

White opened up on a wide variety of questions in this AMA.

SAN ANTONIO — Who are the toughest players Spurs' Derrick White has faced? What are his pregame songs to get him hyped? When did he get his "welcome to the NBA" moment?

All these questions were asked and answered recently when the Spurs guard took part in an AMA hosted by Bleacher Report.

White sat down with fans and answered a wide variety of questions. 

From his best Gregg Popovich moment, how the "Coffee Gang" will go on without Patty Mills, his thoughts on Tim Duncan to which animal he likes - elephants or giraffes - here is a sample of what White had to say.

@Cibrahim: What was your 'welcome to the NBA' moment?

I played against Russ, PG and Melo. I'm a Colorado guy so standing next to Melo was crazy and I got dunked on in that game, so it was crazy.

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@MNWolves0: What is your favorite story about Pop?

My second year in the league, he got ejected in the first 15 seconds or something. I think it's an NBA record. We were in Denver and he got ejected so quickly.

@Etrasalam: What advice has Tim Duncan taught you?

Just seeing TD, he's always in the facility working out. If he has that mindset when he's retired, I can only imagine what it was like in his playing days. Just knowing the work ethic he still has is super motivating to see.

@Rhettro: Who has been the hardest player in the league for you to guard?

They're all good. Harden, Dame and KD are my top 3. Steph is up there too. They're shooting from half court. It's ridiculous.

@DatBoyjohnny: What are your pregame jams?

I'm a big J. Cole fan. He's usually in there somewhere. I like Drake. I try to stick with my light skin brothers. I like whatever is hot right now. I like Polo G as well.

@Aduran7: Is there a particular skill you've been working on during the offseason to improve your game?

I'm trying to be more consistent from 3. That's where the game is heading. It's going to be a big year for the Spurs. Everything is changing so it's important for me.

@MagicMan_361: Besides yourself, are there any Spurs players who you think are going to surprise everyone this season and take a huge leap?

A lot of guys - DJ, Keldon, Lonnie. We have a bunch of guys who aren't well known.

@WARRIORxI369: Elephants or giraffes?


White will be looking to build on his steady upward trajectory heading into his fifth season.

He averaged 15.4 points per game last season (a career high) and 3.5 assists. 

The team will be leaning on him and the rest of the young core as the Spurs begin a rebuild in their franchise history. 

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