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Spurs' Dejounte Murray voices his frustration with refs in Play-In loss

Murray shares his thoughts on picking up quick fouls in elimination game versus the Pelicans.

SAN ANTONIO — Spurs' Dejounte Murray did not have a great start to the Play-In game versus the Pelicans after picking up two quick fouls in the opening frame and his third before halftime.

This caused him to exit the game early and not have the impact on the game he was hoping to have.

Murray would finish the game with four fouls and an off-shooting night going 5-19 from the field (16 points) in 33 minutes.

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Following the loss, Murray voiced his frustrations with the referees on social media.

"Win or go home game and call three non-fouls on me to put me on the bench the whole first half," Murray posted. "Wack... refs tryna steal the show from players all year."

Murray did share that he is using the experience to get better saying he will grow from the good and the bad.

Credit: Dejounte Murray

Overall, this Play-In loss will be a great experience for Murray and the young players moving forward.

In a playoff-like atmosphere, the refs call the game tighter and they learned that.

"So our youth really showed until they kind of collected themselves," Gregg Popovich said. "So great lessons for our guys."

It is understandable that Murray is frustrated. He is a competitor and wants to win. 

However, Murray will learn how refs call games should the Spurs make the Play-In next season or the playoffs.

This will be a valuable lesson for the team's All-Star guard and new leader as his development moves forward.

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