The 2017 Spurs anthem is here thanks to the creativity of local artists from San Antonio.

It's appropriately called "I Love My Spurs", and the group spent the day in town filming the music video, welcoming any and every Spurs fan in sight.

KENS 5 joined the fun outside Franky Diablo's night club off Roosevelt and Mitchell on the south side.

The venue has two Spurs murals outside, a perfect back drop for the music video. Spurs fans were honking non-stop as they drove by the shoot.

These local artists want fans to get involved to boost the energy and to give the Silver and Black that little extra push against the Grizzlies. The group isn't affiliated with the Spurs, but they wanted to pay tribute to their favorite NBA in their own special way.

"Getting that feel to push the Spurs. They're in the playoffs right now and we wanted to give them a push," said Beseja Moses, creator and founder of Cadillac Muzik.

Two weeks ago, two local music labels had a vision.

"Everyone gravitated to it and it just worked so well. It's unbelievable. It's almost like a dream how it just happened so easily," said Leon Shannon of Mind & Soul, who collaborated with Cadillac Muzik on the Spurs anthem.

The duo of labels created the 2017 Spurs Anthem. In just 11 days, the song has more than 27,000 views on YouTube.

"We've had plenty of Spurs anthems, but this anthem right here is clean, it's fun," Shannon said. "It makes you wanna dance."

The group spent the last two days all over San Antonio filming the music video for the anthem, titled "I Love My Spurs."

"You can play it in the morning, you can play it on your way to work," Shannon explained.

The group recruited Spurs fans and their high energy.

"I heard the song and I loved the song and I said, 'Oh man! Ol Skool's gotta be there!'" said Spurs fan Ol Skool MaGee, who participated in the music video. "Go Spurs Go! We're bringing home the 6, baby! Bringing home the 6!"

On Wednesday night, the group plans to film atop one of the red double-decker buses downtown.

The music video should be posted online as early as Monday.

"It's all about supporting local artists and bringing the positive energy and good vibe to the city," Moses noted. "Working together in unity, and keeping God first."

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