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San Antonio Spurs release schedule for second half of season

The Spurs will play half of their second-half schedule against opponents under .500, but 10 back-to-back sets and a difficult stretch to end the season loom.

SAN ANTONIO — On Wednesday afternoon, the NBA released their full schedule for the second half of the season, including 40 games for the San Antonio Spurs.

San Antonio had pushed their record to 16-11 before positive coronavirus cases postponed several of their games. The league decided to wait on making the second half for that reason, and those missed Spurs games have been rescheduled.

Here's a look at how the schedule breaks down:

23 games will be on the road, with the other 17 at home. 21 of the Spurs' opponents in these 40 games are .500 or better, while the other 19 have losing records. The total combined opponent winning percentage as of February 24 is .517.

Here's the list of opponents sorted by winning percentage:

  • Utah: .806 (2x)
  • Clippers: .697 (2x)
  • Phoenix: .667 (3x)
  • Philadelphia: .656 (2x)
  • Brooklyn: .636
  • Milwaukee: .594 (2x)
  • Portland: .581 (2x)
  • Denver: .548 (2x)
  • Indiana: .517 (2x)
  • Toronto: .500
  • Dallas: .500 (2x).452
  • Boston: .484 
  • New York: .469
  • Chicago: .467 (2x)
  • Charlotte .467
  • Miami: .452 (2x)
  • New Orleans: .433
  • Atlanta: .419
  • Orlando: .406 (2x)
  • Sacramento: .387 (3x)
  • Washington: .379
  • Cleveland: .344 (2x)
  • Detroit: .290 (2x)

The Spurs have no games in the second half against the Lakers, Warriors, Grizzlies, Thunder, Rockets, or Timberwolves.

The last dozen games of the season will be against tough opponents, not great timing if they're in a tight playoff race. They'll play in Miami, Boston, Portland, Brooklyn, and Utah twice, and they'll face the Sixers and Bucks before a home back-to-back against the Suns to close the regular season.

To squeeze 40 games into just over two months, San Antonio has 10 back-to-back sets, accounting for half of their games. The Spurs have been consistently bad in the second leg this year, going 0-4 and playing like a shell of themselves.

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They'll at least get to stay in San Antonio for four of them, but the other six will involve travel and no rest.

Back to backs:

  • March 14-15: at Philadelphia, at Detroit
  • March 24-25: vs. LA Clippers
  • March 31-April 1: vs. Sacramento, vs. Atlanta
  • April 11-12: at Dallas, at Orlando
  • April 16-17: vs. Portland, at Phoenix
  • April 21-22: vs. Miami, vs. Detroit
  • May 2-3: vs. Philadelphia, at Utah
  • May 7-8: at Sacramento, at Portland
  • May 12-13: at Brooklyn, at New York
  • May 15-16: vs. Phoenix

As for the five first-half games still left they'll play in Oklahoma City tonight, then have four games at home against the Pelicans, Nets, Knicks, and Thunder.