The Toronto Raptors tweeted a photo Friday night showing that Kawhi Leonard has arrived in Canada.

Amid speculation that he might not report with the Raptors, the team posted a photo of the superstar with General Manager Masai Ujiri. Leonard even appears to crack a smile, but in the age of social media, plenty of Twitter users didn't accept the photo at face value.

Many people expressed surprise at any hint of emotion from the player who was known for his stoic demeanor with the Spurs.

Some users played off the fact that Kawhi reportedly didn't want to be traded to Toronto.

But, in classic Twitter fashion, jokes that the whole thing is a conspiracy gained a lot of traction, racking up likes and retweets.

Is that actually Kawhi Leonard? Will he actually suit up for the Raptors next season? Is this all really happening? The important thing is to keep asking questions.